A Community dedicated to the development of applied science

We bring together developers, scientists and businesspeople at multidisciplinary conferences, meetups and hackathons. These collaborations provide the solutions for scientific problems and the development of knowledge-based business projects.

Our members:
Публикуют Are published in scientific
journals with a high citation index
Сотрудничают Cooperate with
scientists from different countries
Участвуют Participate in the creation
and implementation high-tech business projects
Разрабатывают Develop innovative
chemical compounds, including drugs
Создают Implement their scientific
developments and patents in practice
Выступают Perform at the international
Выступают Introduce
development and patents
Выступают Scale their ideas
and innovations for application
to the world market
We organize events such as
«Meetups» - interdisciplinary conferences, that bring together scientists from different scientific fields. The participants explore the problems and develop innovative solutions in the pharmaceutical, engineering, biomedical and other fields.
«Hackathons» – events where invited researchers, entrepreneurs, marketers and developers work together to develop ideas and projects in the field of high-tech business.
In 48 hours teams formed on site go from an idea to a new product presentation.
Для учёных For scientists

The opportunity to bring the idea up to the implementation to get a patent on intellectual property and become a co-founder of the business

Для предпринимателей For business

To establish high-tech startup and bring it to market and then scale, to make it as successful

Для разработчиков For developers

The chance to create a prototype of the finished device

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